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3 Creative Christmas Gifts Under A Budget




Hello hello! Holiday season has just dusted us with holy cookies and scented candles and reminded us that we can be better to ourselves and others. The celebrating light that comes out of everything creates a phenomenal atmosphere of love, gratitude and good will, so there’s no better reason to spoil your beloved ones with a treat. Here are some great gift ideas if you wanna be creative and stay on a budget.

wdf0fsopagc-stefan-bookblock.jpg1.Planners. Yes planners. Lots of people, including myself, love to stay organised and keep track of everything, so why not make their life easier with a gift they ‘re gonna savor? On Etsy you can find some fine, hand-crafted planners with tools for an everyday, weekly and even annual scheduling.


2.Books. A good book is always a nice idea and really few people wouldn’t appreciate the company of one, so let me suggest you a novel I read this summer that let me wandered through its pages and into its world. It is The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe. The title may give you a hint about the story, which is of course an extraordinary travel from Middle East to Europe in the most unexpected fashion, but it also is a story about human rights, immigration and the right to create a better future for yourself, your family and your community, written with humor and sympathy by the French author Romain Puerourtolas.


3. Pajamas. None ever said no to comfiness and warmth, so what could be better than some pajamas! Soft and snugly to cuddle in and be homey, you can find them in a huge variety. Plus, all those one-piece suits are designed with humor and imagination, so this gift has no longer to be dull and ordinary -I don’t actually know any people who would think of this, so it can also be a surprise!

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations for this Christmas. See you next time!

Love and Christmas stars,


Radical Quote #94


2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

18 Things I ‘ve learnt during living in Netherlands


Hello friends and a Happy New Year to You All! I know it’s a blogging custom to start the new year with resolutions and life advice, but this time I wanna share a small pbucket of wisdom instead. So, here’s what I’ve learnt during my time spend in the beautiful Netherlands:

  1. Expensive hotels have much better room service and cleaning standards and a fuller breakfast.
  2. Traveling the world changes you. I’ve become more social and open to the world and I feel every town, at which I’ve spend a considerable  amount of time, my home.
  3. The first days are the hardest, but once you find your orientation everything becomes easier.
  4. Google Maps is a really powerful tool.
  5. Join some facebook groups when searching for renting a house, it will make things much smoother. Oh! and you’re gonna need at least a week until you find a descent one.
  6. Additional expenses always come up, so be financially prepared!
  7. Making mistakes and learning from them is an enjoyable process.
  8. Common sense differs a lot from country to country. Hygiene standards as well.
  9. I wasn’t feeling like a foreigner while staying there, because of the multiculturality and the fact that every one speaks English, even the elderly.
  10. Don’t stress out about the things you can’t control. Just be strategic about how to lead yourself to the solution of your problem.
  11. Always curry with you hydrating cream with sunblock filters, lipstick and mascara. You never know when they’ll come handy.
  12. Always have your camera or your cell phone with you to capture the best moments of your trips.
  13. Parks are indeed wonderful and very relaxing.
  14. Nothing compares to home-made food (Netherlands cuisine sucks -sorry Netherlands!).
  15. Be dressed in comfy and chic clothes.
  16. It’s cold! bring your jacket with you.
  17. Always keep a plaster in your pocket.
  18. Always curry your notebook with you, because best ideas usually come unexpected.


Kisses until next time





Radical Quote #86


Don’t You Ever Quit!


Hello dear friends! Today I woke up having all the things I wanna achieve in my mind but suddendly doubt knocked on my door. Can I make it all happen? I have such limited time, a day job that requires lots of energy and physical strength and my design school, that i have to fit in a busy schedule, how can I make it all happen? Aaah! Stress attack!

It was about then that I checked my inbox and found this article written by my beloved Sarah on how chasing your dreams will not always be an easy job but at the end of the day it totaly worths the trouble. The key element to success is to be consistent. Yes! You have to insist and persist and overcome all the obstacles that come in your way.

That’s why I’m writing this post right now, before I head on to work. I have all this beautiful ideas on my mind. Art. Design. Self-love. Courage. Self-development. Friendship. Love. And big dreams. Don’t you ever forget that they ‘ll come to you as long as you show up.

Because if you can dream it, it’s yours. You just need a good plan.

Lots of kisses until next time!



Things I Inhale:: 3 Magazines that will inspire your visual creativity

Hello friends! I can guess you’re seeking for some great visual content to browse. Well, you ‘re at the right place since I have 3 rockin’ magazine recommendations for you that will make you wanna draw something immediately! I’m gonna hesitate no more!

1. Frrresh


One of my favorite magazines to lose my mind is Frrresh magazine. A visual arts digital edition of monthly illustrated collections. It ‘s free and every issue features a plethora of artists of different styles and backgrounds. Their moto is: ”Bring artists to the people” and trully that’s what they do! They come from Croatia and they created this magazine out of pure love for art and because they wanted to have a simple and fresh design of an art magazine that’s not bombarded with commercials. Good job guys!

2. Ink and Arrows


This one is paid, but you can read many issues on-line on Issuu (a digital platform where you can go through magazines for free -pretty awesome!). This one features artists that are somehow established already, since they wanna hane a more professional design and look. It also includes interviews of the artists in a polished and minimal design layout. It’s a must-read if you ask me!

3. Illustration Age


And last but not least is this diamond over here. It is a site actually, not a magazine, but it’s kinda digital magazine so it’s fair to add it on this short list. Take yourselves over there right this moment! You can find an infinite number of professional illustrators to meet and plenty of advice if you ‘re an illustrator or an artist yourself.

This is it for tonight! Now I’ll go drink my caramel tea and enjoy the windy weather!



A day in an Art School


I have a confession to make. I hadn’t created any visual content for quite some time. The luck of time and a solid time-schedule made me lose focus. On the other hand I was, and still am, very determined on constantly educating myself and elevate my career as a designer/ illustrator, so I did a little research on the available design programmes to find one that meets my needs. One school was offering an open-course week where you could take a taste of their methods and see if they were a good fit for you. I immediately signed-up and showed myself to class.

It had been a while since my last participation in a class, so this was a bit awkward at first, but luckily I got used to it quickly. The walls were covered in students’ artworks and pure creativity was flowing around. I was back on track again.

I took a design class that gave me a very interesting perspective on graphic design basics. The assignment was to create an artwork that reflects ourselves. Pretty uncomfortable and tricky if you ask me. But this is the true nature of an artist, to expose themselves and communicate verbally, virtually, acoustically.


Here’s a glimpse of the class’s artworks.

The whole process was designed in steps. Before you enter the room the teachers were welcoming you by giving you a small, white piece of paper with a number and a quote written on it. After stepping into the room you could see the floor delimited in square frames with white tape and each one possessed a number. Mine was 12 and my quote was: “It takes two”. I couldn’t agree more. Such couples could be the designer and their art, the designer and the client, or the designer and the world, there’s a plethora of matches I can think of.

I really enjoyed the discussion that took place after everyone had finished and the interaction with the other participants. It took me by surprise that most creations were conceptual and really expressive. Mine was pretty geometrical and abstract. You can take a better look of it here (sorry for the sloppy photo).


People noticed I’m neat and organised, but I enjoy to exceed the limits sometimes. I also like green very much at this point of my life. Additionally my creative nature was symbolized by the pencils that were glued on the paper and the little pieces on the right top depict the new knowledge that always enters my mind. I know it’s not that obvious, but I’m working on it for future artworks.

Well, as you know I like to keep my posts short and neat, so I’m gonna wish you happy autumn, since it’s raining here in Athens and the temperature gets lower these days. Hot cups of tea and rich chocolate drinks are coming our way.

Lots of kisses


Things I Inhale:: This One Summer:: Graphic Novel


Hello friends! Today I’m not gonna write an introduction. I’m gonna go straight to the point of this post.Ha!

Lately I was reading good reviews about the graphic novel This One Summer. Many fellow bloggers mentioned it on their posts, among other choices that actually are my cup of tea, so I decided to give it a try.

I read the 320 pages of the story in one day because I was curious about the end of it and I didn’t wanna save the feeling it gave me for another day.

This One Summer was published in 2014 and it was created by the Tamaki sisters. Mariko Tamaki is the writer and Jillian Tamaki the illustrator.

Its gender goes under the realistic fiction category and it takes you into its world immediately. While I was reading it, I had a constant feeling of being there, in Awago beach, where the story takes place, surrounded by peasant, American teenagers and wooden houses.

Well, I’ll give you some clues about the story, without spoilers, I promise!

Rose and Windy are teenage, cottage friends that meet every summer. But this summer it’s different. They’re getting a bit older, they rent horror movies, they face some family issues , they have their first crushes and they get in the way of young peasants who came across their small world problems.

It isn’t some genius graphic novel that you must have in your library, but it gives you a very strong feeling of actually being there and it’s a good opportunity for an escape to another world. The story is well-written and the illustration is beautifully designed. Plus it is a summer story, very suitable for hot days like these. I recommend you give it a try, if you have the time.

Lots of summer kisses until next time!


My Idols:: Lisa Congdon:: Fine Artist, Illustrator and Author

Hello, hello! It’s been a busy month dare I say and while I was sitting in front of my 6-year-old laptop eating vanilla fruits and drinking an uncountable amount cold water I was thinking about what my next blog post should be about and I honestly could’n think of any bright ideas. So, an old helpful post of Gala Darling on blogging tips came into my mind and with a quick search “eureka”! I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ advice on writer’s block, so my next topic popped into my head. I’m gonna hesitate no more and introduce you to my new category: My Idols. Once in a while I’m gonna write about artists I admire because I believe they work is meaningful, beautiful and extraordinary.


Here we go then! Today’s featured artist is Lisa Congdon. Yay!

I was firstly introduced to her through a Creative Live Class I was watching on-line, where she was tutoring about how to Become A Working Artist. I was dazzled by her teaching and truly motivated by her story and her kind character. Lisa started working as an artist in an older age, around 30. She altered her career from middle-school teacher to a full-time artist. Actually she hadn’t taken any art classes until 2001 and it was 5 years later when she begun her glorious career. Moreover she has taken over the world with her colorful illustrations and paintings that curry her signature style of bright, happy colors and geometrical shapes.


She was being occupied in other jobs  before she realized that painting was the thing that makes her happy, that’s why she shifted around her path to vitally expressing herself.


Lisa Congdon also enjoys mixing materials like pencil and oil, or watercolor to create uncommon visual combinations, like the one above, and let the viewer shape a story in their head.

What is more she experiments with collage as well, putting together old, vintage pieces of paper with modern, monochromatic ones forming new, abstract designs, like the ones underneath.


Like all the visual content she creates is not alluring enough, Lisa is a talented author as well. Her recently published book Art Inc.: The Essential Guide For Building Your Career as an Artist,( which I am reading at the moment and the review is coming soooon!) is the diamond among other books she’s written and illustrated.

Last but not least she maintains the popular blog Today Is Going To Be Awesome, where she writes about her art shows, classes, books and pretty much anything she works on, while often she introduces to her audience the work of her fellow artists or anything that she finds interesting.

She is one of my treasured artists and I don’t wanna rumble any longer. You can have a look by yourself at her website and realize how breath-taking her work is.

Until next time have fun and creative whatever it is that makes you happy!



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