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Travel Stories:: A Trip to Israel


Hello my beautiful friends! I bet you had lots of wonderful days passing by with relaxing walks in urban places, sipping lattes and maybe thinking about your next trip. Well, I’m here to give you an idea about this topic. Since I haven’t travel for quite some time now I’ll give you a glimpse of how it is to visiting Israel. My boyfriend, Aristomenis, traveled there recently  and I’m interviewing him about his experience. So, here we go!


Me: What did you like most during your stay in Israel?

Aristomenis: Well, the fact that people who live there come from, at least, three different religious backgrounds and they manage to co-exist in a, somehow peaceful-ish way.  You can observe  this love-hate combination with an interesting gaze.


Me: What things you didn’t enjoy so much during your visit in Israel?

Aristomenis: Well, the first unpleasant thing you notice in Israel is the unreasonably high prices about everything! For example my friend and I paid 5o euros for two beef burgers and a soda, which is pretty much insane!

Also, Israeli people take full advantage of everything and the beauty of Dead Sea couldn’t just escape the rule. So,there was no free path for your entrance to the beach. There were tons of sighs warning that there was “danger” and “holes” everywhere, despite the fact that we saw none. In the end, we had no choice but to pay our way through the artificial spa to have access to nature’s beauty.


In addition to this, there’s always some political or religious conflict that takes place in Jerusalem, as part of its mysterious beauty I ‘d say, that blocks you from visiting the Temple of Mount, an enormous temple with golden dome that everyone claims to become theirs. Unfortunately my plans were blown away by some strife as well.


Me: Were there many tourists there?

Aristomenis: Yes, you could notice a high amount of tourists, mostly religious ones, walking around in the city and ancient temples taking photos and enjoying the view.


Me: I wonder about the Israeli cuisine…

Aristomenis: It was quite different from the mediterranean flavors we’re used to. They have a plethora of served dishes with spicy taste and you have to eat everything to feel full. It’s remarkably delicious though. Unfortunately I’ve kept no record to show you..

Yeah, that’s a shame…


Today’s trip has come to its end, see ya all pretty soon!

Bye Bye!



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3 thoughts on “Travel Stories:: A Trip to Israel

  1. Israel? Original trip! Thanks for the info and photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Regarding the dead sea – the signs actually warn from a real danger. In the last few years there has been a new phenomenon that in Hebrew is called “bol’anim” which can be translated to something like “swallowers”. As a result of the shrinking of the dead sea something changed in the consistency of the land near it and holes are being formed. Some people were actually trapped in such holes – as they walked on the surface they fell into a hole that was formed as a result of their walking there.
    It’s true that Israel is very expensive and you usually have to pay for everything but the authorities don’t use misinformation and lies to justify this. When there are signs that say that there is danger in the area then there is an objective danger to walk there.


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