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18 Things I ‘ve learnt during living in Netherlands


Hello friends and a Happy New Year to You All! I know it’s a blogging custom to start the new year with resolutions and life advice, but this time I wanna share a small pbucket of wisdom instead. So, here’s what I’ve learnt during my time spend in the beautiful Netherlands:

  1. Expensive hotels have much better room service and cleaning standards and a fuller breakfast.
  2. Traveling the world changes you. I’ve become more social and open to the world and I feel every town, at which I’ve spend a considerable  amount of time, my home.
  3. The first days are the hardest, but once you find your orientation everything becomes easier.
  4. Google Maps is a really powerful tool.
  5. Join some facebook groups when searching for renting a house, it will make things much smoother. Oh! and you’re gonna need at least a week until you find a descent one.
  6. Additional expenses always come up, so be financially prepared!
  7. Making mistakes and learning from them is an enjoyable process.
  8. Common sense differs a lot from country to country. Hygiene standards as well.
  9. I wasn’t feeling like a foreigner while staying there, because of the multiculturality and the fact that every one speaks English, even the elderly.
  10. Don’t stress out about the things you can’t control. Just be strategic about how to lead yourself to the solution of your problem.
  11. Always curry with you hydrating cream with sunblock filters, lipstick and mascara. You never know when they’ll come handy.
  12. Always have your camera or your cell phone with you to capture the best moments of your trips.
  13. Parks are indeed wonderful and very relaxing.
  14. Nothing compares to home-made food (Netherlands cuisine sucks -sorry Netherlands!).
  15. Be dressed in comfy and chic clothes.
  16. It’s cold! bring your jacket with you.
  17. Always keep a plaster in your pocket.
  18. Always curry your notebook with you, because best ideas usually come unexpected.


Kisses until next time





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