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A day in an Art School


I have a confession to make. I hadn’t created any visual content for quite some time. The luck of time and a solid time-schedule made me lose focus. On the other hand I was, and still am, very determined on constantly educating myself and elevate my career as a designer/ illustrator, so I did a little research on the available design programmes to find one that meets my needs. One school was offering an open-course week where you could take a taste of their methods and see if they were a good fit for you. I immediately signed-up and showed myself to class.

It had been a while since my last participation in a class, so this was a bit awkward at first, but luckily I got used to it quickly. The walls were covered in students’ artworks and pure creativity was flowing around. I was back on track again.

I took a design class that gave me a very interesting perspective on graphic design basics. The assignment was to create an artwork that reflects ourselves. Pretty uncomfortable and tricky if you ask me. But this is the true nature of an artist, to expose themselves and communicate verbally, virtually, acoustically.


Here’s a glimpse of the class’s artworks.

The whole process was designed in steps. Before you enter the room the teachers were welcoming you by giving you a small, white piece of paper with a number and a quote written on it. After stepping into the room you could see the floor delimited in square frames with white tape and each one possessed a number. Mine was 12 and my quote was: “It takes two”. I couldn’t agree more. Such couples could be the designer and their art, the designer and the client, or the designer and the world, there’s a plethora of matches I can think of.

I really enjoyed the discussion that took place after everyone had finished and the interaction with the other participants. It took me by surprise that most creations were conceptual and really expressive. Mine was pretty geometrical and abstract. You can take a better look of it here (sorry for the sloppy photo).


People noticed I’m neat and organised, but I enjoy to exceed the limits sometimes. I also like green very much at this point of my life. Additionally my creative nature was symbolized by the pencils that were glued on the paper and the little pieces on the right top depict the new knowledge that always enters my mind. I know it’s not that obvious, but I’m working on it for future artworks.

Well, as you know I like to keep my posts short and neat, so I’m gonna wish you happy autumn, since it’s raining here in Athens and the temperature gets lower these days. Hot cups of tea and rich chocolate drinks are coming our way.

Lots of kisses


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My Idols:: Hanuka Brothers:: Illustrators

Hello, hello again! Today I’m gonna display some Hanuka-art here on this delicious blog. I first came across these twin, Israeli brothers’ work some years ago when a close friend of mine bought me an illustrated calendar as a birthday gift. The truth is it took me a while to realize they were actually two and not one person!


Well, for a good reason. Their style is identically similar with bright colors and pointy viewpoints. They know how to effectively use perspective to achieve a dramatic and eye-capturing look. Additionally they use color in the most effective way making every illustrated scene look magically dreamy.

They also maintain two separate blogs. Asaf’s is The Realist and Hanuka’s is Tropical Toxic. Of course if your appetite craves some more official material you can scroll down here and here to wander through their personal websites.


I have to admit they are a huge inspiration for me and it’s a life goal to achieve that drawing level. Hard work and some photoshop practice hopefully will do the trick!

Hanuka brothers specialize more in editorial illustration and they haven’t published as many books as I ‘d like to have on my library (dozens).

Asaf Hanuka has published a collection of one-page illustrations that he uploads regularly on his blog, although the printed edition is unfortunately translated into French only. Tomer Hanuka has also published a printed version of selected works on paper. Finally the brothers have collaborated in The Divine, a graphic novel about war in Southern-east Asia, which looks exquisite, but I haven’t purchased yet.

That was all for today, brief and comprehensive.

Ciao until next time boys and girls!


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