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My Idols:: Lisa Congdon:: Fine Artist, Illustrator and Author

Hello, hello! It’s been a busy month dare I say and while I was sitting in front of my 6-year-old laptop eating vanilla fruits and drinking an uncountable amount cold water I was thinking about what my next blog post should be about and I honestly could’n think of any bright ideas. So, an old helpful post of Gala Darling on blogging tips came into my mind and with a quick search “eureka”! I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ advice on writer’s block, so my next topic popped into my head. I’m gonna hesitate no more and introduce you to my new category: My Idols. Once in a while I’m gonna write about artists I admire because I believe they work is meaningful, beautiful and extraordinary.


Here we go then! Today’s featured artist is Lisa Congdon. Yay!

I was firstly introduced to her through a Creative Live Class I was watching on-line, where she was tutoring about how to Become A Working Artist. I was dazzled by her teaching and truly motivated by her story and her kind character. Lisa started working as an artist in an older age, around 30. She altered her career from middle-school teacher to a full-time artist. Actually she hadn’t taken any art classes until 2001 and it was 5 years later when she begun her glorious career. Moreover she has taken over the world with her colorful illustrations and paintings that curry her signature style of bright, happy colors and geometrical shapes.


She was being occupied in other jobs  before she realized that painting was the thing that makes her happy, that’s why she shifted around her path to vitally expressing herself.


Lisa Congdon also enjoys mixing materials like pencil and oil, or watercolor to create uncommon visual combinations, like the one above, and let the viewer shape a story in their head.

What is more she experiments with collage as well, putting together old, vintage pieces of paper with modern, monochromatic ones forming new, abstract designs, like the ones underneath.


Like all the visual content she creates is not alluring enough, Lisa is a talented author as well. Her recently published book Art Inc.: The Essential Guide For Building Your Career as an Artist,( which I am reading at the moment and the review is coming soooon!) is the diamond among other books she’s written and illustrated.

Last but not least she maintains the popular blog Today Is Going To Be Awesome, where she writes about her art shows, classes, books and pretty much anything she works on, while often she introduces to her audience the work of her fellow artists or anything that she finds interesting.

She is one of my treasured artists and I don’t wanna rumble any longer. You can have a look by yourself at her website and realize how breath-taking her work is.

Until next time have fun and creative whatever it is that makes you happy!



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A walk in Corfu Museum of Asian Art in Greece

I recently visited Corfu again. I was studying there, therefore I spend 5 wonderful years of my life in that island. I know I may sound bit like an old lady, but let me be nostalgic for a moment. Corfu is a very beautiful place and I surely recommend it to anyone who loves golden beaches and cosmopolitan walks.

While I was there in the middle of June I decided to revisit the Corfu Museum of Asian Art and come a step closer to eastern culture.

While entering the imposing building I felt the humidity being dramatically decreased (high levels of moisture is extremely common in this island) and I thought I entered heaven. A spend 2 whole hours admiring the artworks, despite the fact that they didn’t quite meet my expectations.

In the first section, I came across a boring collection of dishes, baking pans and utensils of household use with plethora of drawn details.

As I was walking from one room to the other I faced a wide collection of Chinese statues of midium and small size. Most of them were figures of war gods and emperors, while on the other hand you could recognize plentiful statues of Buddha.


After that I was led to my favorite part, the painting rooms. There is substantial amount of traditional  paintings depicting everyday life, feasts and celebrations as well as portraits of common people. 

The canvases were put on dark menthol walls that were lower that the ones of the building allowing you small glimpses of the frescoes which were being part of the building that was previously being used as a palace. 

This missed detailed actually allows you to have a quick compare between eastern and european painting techniques. The first one is soft and polite and the second one is obviously imposing and dramatic.

 LAnd here’s a picture of of me being secretely happy in front of some stoneware pitchers. 
I surely recommend visiting this Museum, especially if you’re already heading to Corfu. It worthy your trouble for only 3€ for the entrance fee.

Enjoy your time until next time!


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