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On friendship


Friends have always played an important role in my life. They were there to accompany me in goofy decisions, first loves, heart breaks, depression and unreasonable joy. They were there to listen to my problems and give me advice, support and strength.

As I grew up I realized not all “friends” had the best intentions. Being younger and naive I thought the whole world was thinking like me and everyone meant the best for each other. Fact that wasn’t true in every case. Some people can be mean, or arrogant or even abusive under the veil of  friendship. But that isn’t friendship my friend. I took me a while to realize and even I sound a bit bitter at the moment I ensure you I’m not. I only posses the best intentions.

I was hesitating to be open about my feelings and express my discomfort in such occasions, because I was confused. I didn’t know if I was over-exaggerating or if I was being totally right. As I later learn in therapy you should always listen to your guts, because your body knows what’s best for you. It reacts to your feelings. If a friend gives you headaches every time you meet, or your stomach gives you some bad signals, you probably feel insulted or under appreciated in no doubt.

As I recently read on Pick The Brain “You’ve to get rid of some friends and then feel awkward around new people”. That’s the case. If some friends have completely different values or lifestyle than yours you just have to ditch them and move on with your life. You’ll get plenty of chances to get to know new wonderful people, have long conversations with them and evolve your mind together. Don’t stick with those who hold you down and choke you.

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic there, but I ‘ve felt like this more than a couple of times in the past, so, take my advice and get rid of toxic people who just happened to be in your life, I promise you ‘ll feel so much lighter, smarter and satisfied with your self. Chose your friends and  take better control of your social space.

If you have any similar experiences let me know in the comments below!

Lots of kisses until next time!



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