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Travel Stories:: Toy Museum :: Prague. Czech Republic


♠ I know I haven’t blogged for a while, but that’s about to change and I’ll be writing again on a weekly basis. What is more, I ‘ve decided I wanna tell more stories about my travels, since it’s a subject that always excited me and I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy reading other people’s adventures as they wander around the world.

With no further abode, I ‘m gonna introduce you to the Toy Museum in Prague today. I can ensure you that there are plenty of places that can capture your interest in this beautiful city. There’s no doubt it has a significant heritage when it comes to museums, theaters, medical castles and art galleries. In other words all things cultural, since it ‘s been an artistic and educational center of Europe during darkest and lighter ages and cares a history full of controversies and enlightenment.


I ‘ve visited Prague more than 5 times, since I ‘ve been living in Czech Republic for a year and the tickets were too cheap to ignore the opportunity to see more of this city, so it’s one of the places that feel pretty familiar to me. At the time my little brother had visited me for Christmas and we couldn’t possibly stop touring around together and discovering some awesome places. The Toy Museum was only one of them. I’m gonna show you more extraordinary places in the future, more stories are about to come!

As I mentioned, it was that time of the year, when people flood over the medieval city of Prague to enrich their festivities and eat delicious meals. We were two of them as well. Despite the freezing cold, the thermometer was showing -10 Celsius degrees, my brother and I managed to take long walks on the wide, stoned pavements and pedestrians and capture the best pictures possible around the city, with a little help of hot, spiced wine with orange and cinnamon, that was widely sold by itinerant sellers.

One of the many ways close to Saint George Bridge led us to the Toy Museum. It looked like a fun spectacle to us, since we watch too many cartoons already and those two are somehow related to our minds, so we jumped right in. I’ve got to admit that the place wasn’t that big, so we didn’t waste a ton of time observing it, but we did take some cool photos. For example that’s me, 3 years ago, in front of the Comics Dolls Panel. Almost all superheroes were there, wearing their fancy costumes and taking fears poses to defeat crime in style.


 On the ground floor there was a friendly hostess that was polite and gave us some directions. What capture my eye was two huge statues of Superman and of the first Barbie doll. They were bigger than the average person and you touch them and be photographed with them. Unfortunately the pictures we took were shaken, so there isn’t any good use of them.

As we tool the stairs to the first floor we came across a wide variety of miniatures of animals, aeroplanes, cars and houses that were totally boring and we moved through them quickly. On the other hand, there were some shelves full of colorful robots that reminded my of my childhood, since I used to have toys like those.

The second floor was literally the house of the dolls. Countless dolls from previous decades with no smile on their faces and enormous eyes were standing still, wearing their old and ironed clothes standing still and neat, waiting patiently for visitors to admire them, or be frighten by them, I’m quite sure it’s the second one.


Moreover, I’ve got to tell you that the Museum was somehow creepy and fun at the same time. The plethora of dolls that were staring back to you reminded me of those scary movies that they haunt you, or chase you as long as you turn your back to them. Also, the light on top of their heads that was pointing straight at them was creating a mystical atmosphere intriguing you to follow the paths from one glass window to the other, like a map, and be taken away by the exhibits. Thankfully I wasn’t alone, because the art direction of that place was giving me the creeps.

When it comes to the third floor, it was exclusively dedicated to Barbie Dolls. Actually someone, their name skipped my mind, owned the collection and they donated it to the museum. I was amazed by how besotted can someone be by the beauty of a toy. You could count Barbies back from the ’60s and beyond. Also there were Barbies that depicted celebrities and movie stars like Michael Jackson, Cher, Audrey Heipbourn, even fairy tale protagonists like Snow White, Aurora, Malificent and many more.


Closing up I would say I enjoyed the experience, but it’s not something to grief if missed out. t’s a fun Museum to visit with your friends and take some interesting photos, but it didn’t exactly blew my mind.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll  talk to you soon!

Wanderlust kisses


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