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What To Do When Things Get Miserable In Your Job


These last days have been a living hell for me. It’s true. I’m not afraid to admit it. At my day job I was over-worked and under-paid. I was spending my whole day associating with people with zero common interests and low expectations in life, serving people in a non-creative way and dealing with a bitch-face boss that was jumping down my throat and was expecting me to be grateful for it. But enough is enough. I called it quits and I resigned. And it felt so freaking good! So my advice on all of you out there you have a feeling that something just isn’t right is to listen to your guts!

Even better, make a list with all the ugly things that make you miserable. Then place another one next to it and write down the good ones that go with them (if any), like in my case there was none! When you’re done compare the two lists and besides the obvious, which one is longer, identify the quality of each argument. For example, if the pros are more of the cons maybe you could bear that boring job a little longer. On the other hand, if they are less but they have a huge impact on your mental or physical health, like in my case, you should reconsider keeping that position.

Yes, salary that’s meant to pay your bills and insurance is vital, but spending your precious time on just wandering around the office, or shop, or cafe that you ‘re working and dealing with unpleasant and bitter people all day is sure no catch at all!

Today it ‘s raining cats and dogs, it’s windy and my freshly washed laundry is all wet and messy, because it was laid out on the balcony, but I haven’t felt better and lighter for days now! This is how relief feels like.

Do you have any similar experiences with awful jobs you hated? How did you handle it? Please tell me on the comments below, I’m very much interested in hearing your story!

Resigned kisses



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5 thoughts on “What To Do When Things Get Miserable In Your Job

  1. I love your blunt/honest writing, and I can totally relate!

    I had a similar relief when I dropped out of the teaching program I was in. After months of being picked on by my professor, (I had never had a problem with a professor before) and being put through piles of busy work, while working other jobs, I finally decided to quit and find something else.
    It was like the sun was shining again! The misery lifted from my life and I was able to think clearly and find my creativity again. 🙂


    • That is so true! I understand you completely! I felt more than happy knowing that I don’t have to set my foot on that horrible place again. I couldn’t connect with the other employees, because we had so different point of view in life and I didn’t want to die a salesgirl!
      Plus my superior had her bitch face on all day long but giving me “advice” on how to be more helpful with the customers, when I was already doing my best and being ridiculously polite.

      Haha! I’m so happy for both of us that those nightmares are over now, because as you mentioned it had a total impact on my creativity and the level of my energy as well. It was sucking the life out me! There’s no better way to describe it.

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      • Totally know what you mean. I couldn’t believe I was the only one there who couldn’t stand her, when she was unfair to pretty much all of the other girls as well. Somehow it didn’t bother them enough to want to change anything.

        I guess you just have to go where others are like you and find those who are strong enough to stand for something good 🙂


      • I think you ‘re right! It takes courage to do such thing and not everyone could be bothered enough to seek for something better!


    • Thank you for your kind words!
      When it comes to ungrateful bosses I can definitely count a few! I ‘d be happy to work and collaborate with people who value team work, but douche bosses aren’t on my list!


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