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How to make the most out of your month right now

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So, for those of you who don’t know yet, I’ve moved in a new city and a brand new house and it took me a while to be settled in, therefore I apologize for my previous blogging absence.

Now, into the point. Since a new circle of life has begun for me I’m full of energy, optimism and creativity and I wanna share all these beautiful feelings with you ans inspire you bring them into your life as well. And what could be better that  a productive boost of energy?

Well, a great way to make the most out of the this month is to create a Festive To-Do List with all those things that make you happy and commit to achieve your goals. Sounds easier that it is, right? Hmm, maybe not.

Here are some suggestions that you can apply right now:

1. Write a letter to a person you admire and send it over to them by traditional mail.

Living in the digital age has taken away some of the more personal interactions that show a little bit more of who we are. Such medium is the hand-written letters. Choosing them as a communicative way you surprisingly get to give a lot more of your personal energy than you actually realize. You get to choose the kind of paper, ink and envelop you ‘re gonna use plus you fill those lines with your insanely unique characters that transform into words and sentences and give life to that piece of paper. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be touched by such a gesture, so I can almost guarantee you that your mentor is going to appreciate it especially.

2. Exchange gifts with a stranger.

Making new friends is always a good thing. Making friends out of nowhere and with a mysterious maybe even better. How? You ‘re asking. Very simple. You register to the Oh Comedy Perfect Strangers Challenge you write a few things about yourself and the magazine informs you on time which one your gift match is going to be for this year. All you have to do is you exchange gifts with a stranger. I was so enthusiastic with this idea that I registered myself. Maybe one of you is my Perfect Stranger New Friend, who knows? I’m more than excited to prepare a beautifully packaged parcel with extraordinary gifts and hand-written letter and I’m more than curious to receive mine. I hope it comes from a far-far-far away land.Come join us, it’s gonna be fun!

3. Have friends at home and surprise them 

Invite some friends home, ideally not too many, 3-5 would be a perfect number, and treat them loyally. Prepare some home-made goodies like chocolate-crisp cookies, or buy them from a well-know bakery, serve herbal tea, or warm sangria with orange and cinnamon wood, light some candles and festive lights, spritz the room with floral mist and have a life of your life. Open-up to each other. Be genuine, kind and true. Give and receive. Talk about your problems and team up to come up with a solution. celebrate your joys and victories and be graceful for each other.

4. Take yourself on a date

That’s right. Sometimes we forget about ourselves as we drift through everyday routine and duties, but some “Me” time never harmed anyone. Take You out to the movies. Buy that caramel pop-corn you carve and enjoy some entertainment in front of the big screen. Go to that cozy restaurant you fancy so much. Order the day’s special and satisfy your appetite. Take a gallery tour. Check on the latest trends on painting and photography. Explore beauty through art and be inspired. Your perception may change after only one interaction with on other human being’s creations.

5. Flirt with the cosmos

I know, flirting sometimes sounds more difficult than it actually is. In my opinion, the playful feeling of it is a bit misunderstood. People tend to make it a bigger deal than it actually is and misinterpreted its role, which is a playful exchange between two people who show their attraction to each other in a thankfully charming way.  Now, if you haven’t practice it for quite some time, like when you’re in a relationship, or simply too busy to encounter it to your daily activities, it may sounds challenging, but trust me it isn’t. Next time you see that cute guy or girl you like wave with a smile and make some small talk about this new floral tea you recently tasted, or something cool you happened to notice. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Are you willing to try any or all of the above? If you did let me know how it went. I’m very much interested in hearing from you.Do you have any other other suggestions?

Festive Kisses until Next Sunday



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