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Visiting Modern Art Museum in Arnhem, Netherlands (Part 1)

Today is a calm and relatively lazy Sunday. The sun is shinning and the weather is windy and so Katy Perish, hot n’ cold! I thought it would be a nice day for visiting a museum and since I did so lastly, here’s my experience.

I’m the kind of girl who spends three hours in a small museum, because she wants to watch every detail and absorb the artistic energy within her. I was actually very meticulous while wandering around sine I like taking my time. Other visitors may come and go, but I’m still there! Even the guard was surprised by how long it took me to watch all the artwork.

At first I entered a narrow corridor and I faced some glass vases behind a window. So the first thought that popped in my head was “How come you call this Modern and not Decorative Art”? Clearly upset. Then I took some photos, like the one above, and moved on.

Thankfully I came across a significant amount of paintings of different styles and themes. They were successfully placed on a wide metal mesh giving a pleasant artistic feeling. Well this one underneath is the best picture I could take, considering the limited space In between.

The visual content was rich. Melancholic memories of the painters’ tough lives and everyday routine, beloved or hatred faces and imaginative friends were depicted in a dark and realistic style. Surrealistic nightmares, scary human characteristics and stif objects were invading my body through my eyes. I was hypnotized and inspired by the imagination of other artists, despite the terror they were exhaling. I wanted to grab my pencils and spread graphite and color on a canvas. I kept moving. I kept observing. I kept dreaming, with my eyes open.

I turned around only to come face to face with two enormous eyes looking at me. The portrait of the most terrifying woman I’ve ever seen. She was drawn by Pyke Koch in 1930. The decade was more or less obvious. Her short, wavy hair, the pearls around her neck, the fine pipe between her fingers. I was magnetize. I couldn’t move. I stood still looking into her eyes. I thought that the artist should be a victim of her power. She should be a black widow, weaving her net devising evil plans. I adored her. I saw in her something that I myself wanted to possess. Mystical powers in a mysterious way. Here’s her portrait.

This last visit was simply a validation that my life is pure art. I think in art, I breath in art I dream in art. And so far my blog was not about art! How did I let that happen? So, I’m changing my blog’s name and redirecting it to match my interests more. Wait to see what happens in the next days. I’m so excited about it! See you all soon and don’t miss part tow of this wonderful post.

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The more I travel the more I appreciate my country

The more I travel the more I appreciate my country

When I was younger I could only see the bad things in Greece. I had this false belief that everywhere else would be better. More civilised and better organised. Also te people would be more educated and more polite. Ha! I was wrong. Thankfully!

According to my experience so far, I can tell that Greek modern culture has this element od “out-going-ness”. the people are friendly most of the times and really open when it comes to starting a conversation by even goofing around little bit.

Plus they are really passionate. I guess is a mediterranean thing. When they love they are really passionate about it. This may cause a dose of extra drama once in while, but you learn to cope with it and even enjoy it at times, usually when your love life isn’t involved.

A huge bonus is the food. I seriously belive that Greek is one of the best, if not the best, cuisines among the world, alongside with Turkish. We have the most tasty dishes that I suggest you to try, if you ever visit this country. You can start with the really famous ones, like musaka and continue with some yemista or dolmades. Anything you’ll try will taste like heaven (if appropriately cooked).

In addition to this, there’s the weather! The sunny, warm waether with the clear, blue sky. The bright mornings and the late sunsets. I absolutely love it. The winter isn’t too cold, so you can take long alks around the city, thing that counts among my favorite engagments. Ok, the summer is indeed to hot, but there’s always a beach nearby, that you can visit.

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On Altering Your Way Of Thinking In Order To Deal With Stress

Alter the way you think

Hello everybody! Today I feel like skipping the prologue and go straight into the point. I wanna talk about how I became a happier person by simply changing my mind.

Not too long ago I used to dowel in stress and agony and have panic attacks about the dark future that I thought that was waiting for me. I talked with my therapist about it and she suggested this easy technique: focus on the present moment.

I was stressing myself out because I was imagining all those bad scenarios that were gonna happen if my family didn’t have enough money, if my country would bankrupt and if I couldn’t face my problems. But guess what, nothing of these things was actually happening. A pessimistic part of my brain was taking control of my entire existence and creating a painful and unrealistic environment in which I wrongly believed was the unpleasant reality.

I was and am reading tons of self-help books, blogs and what I’ve learnt so far is that we can make our own reality and the way we approach each problem can be productive or not. I made a commitment to myself to always focus on the good things and experience every difficulty as an opportunity to become a stronger person. Since then I’ve seen a huge improvement on my behavior and my stress levels are so incredibly low!

A tip that my therapist gave me on how to deal with extreme stress is to focus on the material things around you and try to focus on what you feel that exact moment. Like I’m touching my desk, sitting on my chair, drinking water of a glass. Don’t let your mind wander in the ” what ifs” because this doesn’t take you anywhere. Also remember that for a problem there is a solution waiting to be found.

Have a good night and live the moment!



While living abroad and away from home I found myself appreciating the things I was missing. I was taking so many things for granted, like the clean house, the delicious and quality food and the comfort of my own ferniture. They might sound simple, and they are actually, but I can see now how they can alter the way you feel in a place.

It is said that you have to get out of your comfort zone to grow and get stronger, thing that I also believe is true. It had been a long time since the last time I was separated from coziness, but it totally worth the trouble.

Sharing the bathroom with 3 more people with different clean standards than yourself is more than challenging, especially if you ‘re a clean-freak like I am. On the other hand you get tougher and you learn to deal with difficult situations. There’s always something good rising out of discomfort.

I have to admit that now I can truly understand all those exercises that suggest you write 3 things that you’re grateful for everyday. So, here’re some of my list.

The high quality home cooked meals.

In addition to this my super clean house.

Also, the fact that I’m braver than ever and I have this deep thirst for exploring the world.

Moreover, my family that can support me, if needed.

That’s all for today. Have a good night!






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