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How To Survive Living With Your Parents (Part 2)


HOw to survive living with your parents (part 2)

Good evening beautiful fellows! Today I’m gonna give you more advice on how to survive living with your parents as an adult. Here’s the first part in case you missed it, loaded with the best tips on the subject.

I know it can be hard and overwhelming at times when you go back. You have this feeling that your life moves backwards instead of forward and while you ere dreaming of your independence and free life as an adult you have to cope with other people’s strange habits, taste and routine.

But be hold friend! Thy there is some good in every bad situation. For some people living with parents can be easier that from others, but hey there must be some benefit, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

It is important to have a social circle outside the family abode. This will prevent you from going crazy and lose hope that better days are about to come. Friends are usually a good influence and can help you through difficult situations.

Don’t forget that returning to your hometown would be a good opportunity to connect with some old friends that you haven’t seen outside Facebook for ages. Call them and arrange a meeting. It’s almost always good seeing a familiar face while catching up with a cup of coffee.

So far so good, but what happens with your love and sex life? That’s a tough one. If you ‘re in a relationship your parents might be more open to have your boyfriend/girlfriend at home since they trust them and you.

On the other hand, if you ‘re single and wanna mingle there might be some obstacles on your way. My suggestion is that you crush at their play, yours/theirs friend’s place or a hotel. You will feel much more comfortable and relax. Plus you won’t have to push them out the door before everyone wakes up or keep it quiet and invisible. Have and enjoy it and if things get more serious you can introduce them to your folks and eventually have some sleep-overs.

Last but not least don’t forget your goals. Set them clearly and break them into do-able small steps, like yearly, weekly and daily. Since I did that I saw a major change in my habits and my spirit got lifted up. Also, the satisfaction of crossing the completed ones out is really rewarding and boosts your self esteem. Even if you don’t cross out every single one, don’t get disappointed. Next time you’ll do better.

That’s all for today! Bye Bye!


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4 thoughts on “How To Survive Living With Your Parents (Part 2)

  1. I think it is quite easy live with parents but you have to talk with them and listen what they want from you and must be honest and say what you want from them. My parents let me not to buy food or pay taxes but I have to clean rooms and do washings, gardening and so on. I have to be useful at home not just adult kid with my wishes:) Yes, about lovers and late parties is difficult. And when I live at parents house we have a rule, that everybody knows where are others by sms, calls or letters on the fridge. It is important to me and my family and I respect that, even if I forgot this rule and will got some silent block from them, I just say ‘sorry’ and then get hug from my mum also I have to listen that she was worried. It is nice but sometimes it is so hard, especially, when you do not want to say where are you and with who… but I like live with parents because I love them so much.


    • Yes, communicating your needs is the No1 rule for successful co-living! And coversations usually help you understang and be undrestood, as the other persons are willing to hearing you as weel, because in my family that may be hard at times!
      Also, I don’t have to pay taxes or bills, but I think this system applies in America, where parents try to make their children to be more responsible maybe, even though it’s not so appealing to me.
      When it comes to late nights they may be worried, but when you’re an adult you can take care of yourself 🙂 So nothing to worry about!


  2. That smiley cupcake is so cutely distracting.

    Good friends do make things a lot easier, but then there are friends who hold you back. I think looking back on ‘why’ you’re moving back home is important too, so you don’t lose sight of where you want to be.

    I completely agree with the goal-setting, which can also be a lot of fun. There’s a challenge I’m taking soon that deals with goals but more importantly, on where you want your life to be in 30 years. Stay tuned for that 🙂

    – Kyaru @


    • Haha yes! This cupcake is so happy!

      You’re right, friends can help you, or hold you back, so better chose them carefully. Also remembering Why you ‘re here is important, so you can move on! 🙂


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