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Expect the Best Prepare for the Worst

Expect the best prepare for the worst

Hello my darlings! I have a confess to make. Later on this month I rapidly move to The beautiful Netherlands. With no fixed abode, absolutely no friends and acquaintances and so less help from the internet, my eternal friend, since everything is in Dutch here and I only speak Greek and English, Oh my Gosh, what was I supposed to do?

Nevertheless I didn’t let myself go crazy. I was in a hurry and expected everything to move quickly around me and arrangements to take place. But Dutch people have slow life rhythms and to me it seemed that days were passing by with no progress at all.

I started to worry, feel exhausted and bit stressed. I was expecting the best, but I wasn’t prepared for the worst.I could never imagine that this beautiful city of Arnhem, which I’m currently living could give me such a hard time. Thankfully its citizens are quite polite and helpful people and they ‘ll answer you with the best intentions when asking for directions or information. I’m so thankful for that!

At the present moment I’m moving to a new place and I won’t be having internet connection for some hard days that are about to come. Next post will be about the beauty of this city pictures. Until then you can check my instagram and take an artistic sneak peek!

Lots of Kisses until next Sunday!

A change of scenery: Welcome to the North

A changing of scerery-1


Good morning to all beautiful souls out there! I hope you all doing well! Actually more that well, fantastic! Today I have a huge announcement to make. I’m creating a new category on my blog and that is travel! Yay! I absolutely love to travel and I have enough material to write a decent number of blog posts, so there you have it.

I’m currently living in Netherlands, in beautiful city of Arnhem and I’m so in love with it! It is a truly colorful and happy city, full of green parks, flowers, ducks and greek statues! Have a look at my instagram for more photos, I’m refreshing the feed all the time!

So, since I’m not here for so long I’m gonna talk to you about the first five things that caught my eye as a new-comer. Here we go.

The first thing was the weather! I can tell you the weather here is bipolar. I left Greece’s 40 Celsius degrees of hot summer to come to the autumn of the North. Here you definitely need a winter jacket, as it’s windy and cold, it was such a shock to me. Also, it can rain ANY time and then be sunny and windy again. Thankfully the rainy waves don’t last long, so you can go out and enjoy a walk in the city, but an umbrella is always handy.

a change of scenery_2

The second thing was the beautiful scenery. Oh I love the architecture of Arnhem. The buildings have their own character and they ‘re adorn with small colorful details, like vivid frames around doors and small pots on the windows. To be frank, I’m obsessed with the building doors. They come in such a wide variety of color and shapes adding a delightful note to the surroundings.

The third thing was all the amazing statues that decorate the public places of this city. In ancient Greek and modern style as well. I just can’t get enough of them! They stand there in the middle of parks and squares vamping you with their pure and unpretentious magnificence. I will make a blog post all about them in the future! Promise.

In addition to this the people so far have been really polite and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask strangers for information or directions. Plus everyone seems to know to speak english, so communication isn’t a problem.

Last but not least, there are so many wonderful little shops with wooden tables, rainbow chairs and flower decorations that are just impossible to ignore! More pictures are on their way, because I didn’t have the time to photograph them yet!

See you next time! Bye Bye!

How To Survive Living With Your Parents (Part 2)


HOw to survive living with your parents (part 2)

Good evening beautiful fellows! Today I’m gonna give you more advice on how to survive living with your parents as an adult. Here’s the first part in case you missed it, loaded with the best tips on the subject.

I know it can be hard and overwhelming at times when you go back. You have this feeling that your life moves backwards instead of forward and while you ere dreaming of your independence and free life as an adult you have to cope with other people’s strange habits, taste and routine.

But be hold friend! Thy there is some good in every bad situation. For some people living with parents can be easier that from others, but hey there must be some benefit, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

It is important to have a social circle outside the family abode. This will prevent you from going crazy and lose hope that better days are about to come. Friends are usually a good influence and can help you through difficult situations.

Don’t forget that returning to your hometown would be a good opportunity to connect with some old friends that you haven’t seen outside Facebook for ages. Call them and arrange a meeting. It’s almost always good seeing a familiar face while catching up with a cup of coffee.

So far so good, but what happens with your love and sex life? That’s a tough one. If you ‘re in a relationship your parents might be more open to have your boyfriend/girlfriend at home since they trust them and you.

On the other hand, if you ‘re single and wanna mingle there might be some obstacles on your way. My suggestion is that you crush at their play, yours/theirs friend’s place or a hotel. You will feel much more comfortable and relax. Plus you won’t have to push them out the door before everyone wakes up or keep it quiet and invisible. Have and enjoy it and if things get more serious you can introduce them to your folks and eventually have some sleep-overs.

Last but not least don’t forget your goals. Set them clearly and break them into do-able small steps, like yearly, weekly and daily. Since I did that I saw a major change in my habits and my spirit got lifted up. Also, the satisfaction of crossing the completed ones out is really rewarding and boosts your self esteem. Even if you don’t cross out every single one, don’t get disappointed. Next time you’ll do better.

That’s all for today! Bye Bye!

Radical Quote #43


How To Survive Living With Your Parents (Part 1)

How to survive living with your parents

Good evening internet friends! Today I’m really excited to talk to those of you who still live with your parents for a variety of reasons. You either have to support a sibling or a parent, or you haven’t been financially independent yet, so you haven’t been detached from the family nest.

I ‘ve recently read some really useful advice on the subject, at Elina Furman ‘s book The Boomerang Nation in which she talks about her experience living with her mom and sister for seven years after finishing college.

The book is quite brief to tell you the truth. There ‘re only 210 easy-to-read short pages that I surely recommend, since you can finish it in a couple of days, or a week if you wanna take it slow.

Not to bother you with a long prologue I’ll get into the point.

Firstly, from a sociological standpoint, we have to acknowledge the stigma that accompanies the adults who are still living in their parents’ house, coupled up with shame and disappointment. So all you have to do is realise that this is no reason to feel guilty, humiliated or bashful about it at all. Indeed, there are more people who identify under the term “boomerangers”, the ones that have come back, than ever before. The economic crisis and alter in traditional values, like marriage that’s being postponed longer and longer, it’s not a surprise that we find ourselves bonding and coping with our existing families rather than creating new ones.

But returning back home after living on your own pace for several years can be a challenge. It is an undeniable fact that you have grown and developed emotionally and physically, you ‘ve developed your own habits and your way of dealing with things. From simple tasks like how to clean the house, to more complex ones like how to communicate and take care of your obligations and your precious self. The unfortunate thing is that parents tend to keep in their mind their little kid, who needs to be told what to do all the time. I personally faced that, when I returned back home and it was exhausting to tell you the truth. But fear not my friends! There ‘s a solution to that, and for your info parents can be trained into a new logic and new order of things. What you can do is to be clear and bold on what you want and how you think things would operate better. Just state your opinion with a clear thesis and you ‘re done.. Don’t forget that you ‘re equal and your word counts as much as theirs. It all has to do with attitude, trust me on that. Also, don’t forget to be responsible and a wo-man of your words.

What is more you have to set your own borders in terms of privacy and independence. What I mean is that you’ll have to set some rules about your personal space, either this is your room, the garage or the back yard house you’re using. Your house-mates-parents-siblings should respect that and leave you on your own pace whenever is requested or needed.

Also, don’t forget that helping with the household is essential and will give you extra credits on proving your worth. If you make some money from a part-time job you can contribute with a small amount of money for the bills, otherwise make sure to provide your services in other ways. For example you can do your own or family’s laundry, help with shopping and cleaning and volunteer to do some unpleasant tasks like cluttering the basement or the garage and deal with some bureucracy, like paying bills and taxes, or taking care of the family insurance. This will make you look and feel more valued, valuable and mature at the same time.

I hope this advice was handy. More tips on the topic are coming on the second part, don’t miss it!

Kisses until next time!

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What You Can Do When You Feel Gloomy


What I do when I feel gloomy

Good evening and happy Sunday to you all! This weekend wasn’t one of my best, since I got a little moody and disoriented. I was thinking about my future and some obstacles that I hadn’t in mind occurred out of nowhere. Anxiety and disappointment found a chance to kick in and messy, sleazy thoughts took over in my head. What will I do? How can I overcome this? I stressed my self out.

Then I checked on my daily schedule and the tasks I needed to complete. One of them was to mail a friend with positive and uplifting material. While I was going through my bookmarks and mail I realized that I too needed a tap on the shoulder and someone to confront me, so while texting my friend I was actually giving myself some positive feedback too!

Thus, today’s post is gonna be all about how and where you can find some light-hearted and positive digital talk. So here:

The first one that came in my mind was the Let’s Sandbox . com created by Darius Lukas, giving life advice on how to silence your inner critic, play and enjoy life! Go read it, it totally worths it!

Now, we go to a quite different New Zealander gal living in New York ruled by glitter, glamour, everything pink and radical self-love. Her name is Gala Darling and you can find her at Gala Darling .com. her main focus is empowering women face life from a more positive aspect talking about her own experiences through the years.

Last but not least I would totally recommend Sara Von Bargen ‘s blog Yes and Yes .org, when she posts daily about her adventures through world-wide traveling, interviews with interesting people, weird food and blogging advice.

I hope I helped a little bit! See you next time!


Photo via Death To Stock Photo.

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