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Love letters to myself

thToday I feel rejuvenated. I spend my weekend in Thessaloniki and those two days were enough to boost my energy and bring love back to my life. I’m a helpless romantic whose life is ruled by the Goddess of love and my whole existence flows in the rivers of eroticism. I can’t help myself and stop thinking about Love. Unconditional and ripped of judgement Love Pure love that files your body with joy and energy makes you believe you can concur the world. And you actually can.

A year ago I used and wrote a letter to my self giving me advice on the future and a small glimpse of the feelings of my past. A year later, when the letter was unexpectedly delivered to my e-mail, I was truly happy with the way my life had been unwrapped and evolved and I was extremely satisfied to see that my biggest supporter, best friend and healer was actually me!

I have to admit that it is an excellent way of motivating yourself and keeping you updated about the current moment of your life. I’m about to write my second letter and end me some more love. I know it may sounds naive but it works by fact.

Now hop over and write your best letter to the best person you could ever send it. Yourself!

Kisses and love until next time!


What’s the deal with the affirmations?

IMG_4792 Hello my lovely internet friends! I recently stepped into this video of Erin Stutland and her way of using affirmations and I have to admit that I found it really helpful. As you already know, I’m always on the search of inspiring people and she is one of them! So, let me keep going and give you some more insight about her technique. Erin suggest we write down what is it that we want. Anything, from losing that extra 5 kilos to finishing your thesis (actually that’s mine!) and right afterwards put on the same paper all the negative beliefs that are stopping us from achieving this goals. Piece of cake, right? Now, keep moving and turn this wrong belief into a positive affirmation. Don’t forget to use the present tense and describe how you feel knowing that you already have what you want for achieving all that. After writing it down, repeat. Rewrite the exact same words over and over again until they are printed in your mind and gutt! 10-15 minutes are enough. You’re gonna feel much more energised and motivated, trust me on that. Lett me know if you did do it and if it worked, I’m very much interested! See you next time Bye bye 🙂

Three Cartoons TO Watch Now!

th Hello dear friends, here I am again to talk of one of my favorite subjects. Cartoons! They are funny, touching, smart and super colorful. Plus they can always make any situation better. There are really quality ones you can watch and I promise you they will fill you with good vibes, courage and energy! Here ‘re the top three that I’m currently watching: Avatar – The Legend of Korra: This series has the best character blend I ‘ve seen in ages! The main protagonist is a young woman that tries to bring peace between people and spirits alongside with her gang of strong women and men. This one is a MUST! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Ok I ‘ve been watching this since I was a child, so there’s extra sentimental value on it. This one’s lighter and funnier. Follow the Turtles in their adventures in NYC, while they fight weird monsters and tease each other. Adventure Time: If you need small 10-minute breaks from reality, this one ‘s definately for ya! In a crazy, fictional world Flin and Jake, the tow bffs save kingdoms and dive into perverted cuteness! I decided that I wanted today’s post to be extra short, so that’s all for now. Do you watch any cartoons? What are ypur favorites?  

How do you motivate yourself?


Hello fellow bloggers (I know most of you are)! I ‘ve been pretty stressed and stuck lately, so I’ve been looking for inspiration and motivation to get my things done and feel satisfied and happy. Unfortunatelly the hot weather doesn’t help my mood and like a smart girl that I am I went straight to TED and watched a couple of talks.

At first I bumbed into Mel Robbins video “F**k You – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over”. I have to admit that the title draws your attention and this woman really believs that ANYTHING is possible. To be more precise “What you need to do to achieve any goal is SIMPLE, but not easy”. I strongly support her. We all know what needs to be done, but we are unmotivated and lazy to escape our comfort zone.

Actually one small tip from Mel is that whenever we have an idea or an urge to do something we should act withing 5 seconds, otherwise we get numb again. I love her advice and her passion and energy.

As you know I like to keeo my posts short, so this is today’s advice. Let me know what do you think and If you watched any interesting talks lately. See you next time!

16 Most Important Things Every Woman Should Learn

I don’t reblogg things often, But I liked this one!

infinite satori

“A woman is a beast. She is as lovely as she is repulsive. She is one part demon and one part goddess, one part slave and one part muse, one part child and one part mother. These contradictions are what makes a woman so intoxicating.”

– Andrea Mary Marshall


Note: This not just limited to one gender, it’s for everyone. But it is, however, dedicated to the sisterhood.

To every single woman in this world, I dedicate this post to you. May we always strive to become better people.

1. To be brave and to always follow your fears.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”- Anais Nin

If you weren’t afraid of anything, what would you do?

With courage, you are given the power to do anything in the world. We hold ourselves back so much because of fear. I’ve known so many women who have…

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