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Why I quit the 30 day writing challenge


At first I had gotten really enthusiastic with the idea that I’m gonna be blogging on a daily basis, revealing my writing skills and connecting with fellow bloggers. unfortunately none of the above turn out to be true. I got burnt. Pressing the keyboard everyday and pushing the words to appear on-screen was too much for me. I even lost my previous rhythm. I was blogging on a weekly basis, with small treats during weekdays, but now I was feeling overwhelmed with all this extra work that needed to be done. Let’s face it, daily blogging isn’t for everyone and unless you have something interesting to say, better leave it to the pros!

So from now on I ‘m going back to posting a new article every Sunday, because It is one of my favorite days and I usually feel extra good on Sundays! Yay!

Meanwhile, you can check my Instagram, where I upload photos of cool stuff I see around me and some selfies!

See you next week with more interesting and useful material. Until then lots of kisses and sparkles! Bye Bye!

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Writing 101, Day 2: A room with a view

It is true that lately I’m craving for travelling. I miss the good old days when I was living in Czech Republic and I was wondering through central Europe. The last two years I’ve return back to Greece and with some exceptional visits to Turkey, I haven’t travel much. Hell I miss it!

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. The places I’ve been and the places I want to explore. The food, the weather, the people, the culture. All these amazing things that make every place different, unique and appealing.

I’ve been reading dramatically lots of travel blogs and I ‘m jealous of the peoples that have the freedom (and the money) to accomplish long and lasting visits to far away countries. But I won’t flatter more. Let’s get to the point.

Since today’s inpsiration is about describing a familiar place, I’m gonna talk to you about Italy. Beautiful and warm Italy., wth all those stylish people, that combine their clothes with elegance and delightfully.

I’ve been there two times so far and I’d love to return someday. All the magnificent images of statues of artists, poets and philosophers  that decorate the cities, with their natural poses and gestures, that are about to wave or start a conversation with you, are printed in my mind in details. As you walk down the streets the smell of light-bread pizza invades your nostriles and all the gelato flavors seduce you with their frozen texture and their tempting colors.

On the otherhand, the stone paths aren’t particularly easy to walk, so you always have to be in comfy shoes while steping from one place to another, visiting the many Museums and Cathedrals that bring an air of mystical history and unrevealed secrets to the exotic strangers.

I can’t forget the feeling of Capela Sixtina. How could I? I’m not a religiou s person, if you ask, but this is one of the temples that worth your attention. It is a sacret place and I wish more like this would be created. It gives you a feeling of total peace and internality that has to be communicated with and through you. It is this rare feeling that flowers in your soul a few times in a lifetime, when there is silence and diffusible respect. 

At least, I can’t delete the delicious food from my memory. The spaghetti of course, the niocchi and the wine. The late night walks among the light hearted bars and the not-so-cheap beer, with young cultured poeple. Writers and painters and cookers.

Maybe I shoulf=d start a series about my travels, it’s not a bad idea.

What is your favorite place so far?

Take some time off!


Hello everybody!

Today it has been a lazy day for me, going out with my family and enjoying a yummy lunch and cold cream desert at the end. I’m so full and fulfilled that I decided ti dedicate this post to free time!

If you ‘re tired or burnt out you could use some spear time to relax and recharge your batteries. You worth it. Put aside every stressful activity, ease your mind and take charge dynamically.

Remember that without the free time you won’t be as happy and tireless as you ‘re supposed to be.

Happy Sunday and I’ll talk to you soon, since I’m gonna be blogging daily for the next month!

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