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Recipes For Self-Love

Here’s some extremely useful advice on how to love yourself more!

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“Pay what you can” weekend


Hello beautiful babes! Today I wanna boost my good energy levels -and yours as well! I am recovering from a negativity injection, so this amazing gift from Danielle La Porte, really made my day.

Due to her birthday, she names this weekend a “pay what you can weekend” and gives all the Desire map related products at the price of your preference! How cool and grateful is that?

I’m not working with her, neither she sponsors me, so consider this a non-advertisement post.

Now go claim your goodies!

Love until next time!


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How to choose the best life or business coach


Hello again! This is another magnificent Sunday and I’m about to give you some great advice on how to choose the best coach for you. Quite an intro, right?

Over the past few months I’ve gathered an enormous amount of information on how you can create the life you want and transform your business into a success. See, I’m a believer of coaching and I do support the opinion that it can drastically change your life. It also provides you with the support you need to get to the next level and uplift your self, emotionally and financially. But the truth is, it doesn’t come cheap.

Thus, I have the solution to your problem, if you wanna give it a try, but you ‘re afraid of wasting your time and money, here are some tips on making the best choice. Even though I believe in it, I don’t think that every coach is as qualified, or experienced to provide the best tools and they are many that will charge you for stuff you can easily google.

So, I suggest that you research first. Text their name at your searching platform and read as many articles and reviews as possible about them. Moreover, make sure you take a good look at their providing services in order to check if they provide what you need. In addition to this, submitting your e-mail for the free worksheets, e-books, or workshops, plus their weekly updates is a good idea that will definitely give you a better look of their character and their approach to problem solving.

Furthermore, you can schedule a complimentary session with them, which is usually provided for free, talk on the phone or via Skype and get a first impression of them.And last, but not least, don’t purchase anything being in a desperate state of mind (guilty for that). Give it a couple of days, relax and bring your logic back on. If you intuition says to back off, you back off! They ‘re not going anywhere, it is their job, don’t forget.

As always I like to keep my posts brief and into-the-point, so goodnight and have a beautiful week!


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Summer comes when the ice-cream ads pop out!

Where to find writing inspiration



First of all, I wanna apologise for my absence on last week, due to burn out! It ‘s no lie that I had a huge amount of information to study for my english exams, that took place last Sunday and I was too stressed out to even think of an interesting topic, but lemme make it up to you.

One of the usual problems writers and bloggers face is the lack of inspiration. We are on a constant search of brilliant ideas and extraordinary stories up to the point that we get drained or stressed out.

I recently watched a very helpful TEDx Talk, where writer Brad Herzog talks about the creative process. “What the heck are you gonna write about?” is the most common question that instantly pops into our heads when we sit in front of our computer screen, do the dishes or take a shower. How are we gonna make an idea look appealing and where is this idea gonna really come from?

Sincerely, things don’t have to be that complicated. The answer lies on the unique way each one of us sees and perceives the world. As for Herzog himself, he finds inspiration on everyday acts of routine and daily life, as we all ough to. For example, there was that one time where he was ordered to write a funny book for 5th graders and while he was stressing out about the subject and what could even possibly be funny, he got hungry. He robotically open the fridge to find something to eat and then the idea popped into his head. He wrote the book “Freddy in the fridge” where a little men was living in the fridge, sleeping on cottage cheese, that his job was to turn the light on and off every time the door was open or closed. Pretty smart, huh?

Here comes some more advice. One of the basic thing you may wanna do is separate yourself from the extremely popular themes, vampires and werewolves for the matter of speaking are a great example. In this way, you won’t only be more authentic in your story, but also you can find more space to express yourself, plus you have a higher possibility of creating something new.

In addition to this, you can always write about your experiences. They are endless and every human has their own perspective on interpreting every slice of life. From enrolling a mini golf tournament to making your brother’s birthday cake, or even walking alone in the middle of the night. Try it, you ‘ll be amazed by the results.

That’s all for today. You know I like to keep my posts sort, for ya busy fellahs! See you next week and until then tell me what inspires you to get out of writer’s block?




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