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Fitness apps in your phone or tablet


Howdy friends! Today’s been a busy day! Reading and jogging took over my time and my mind. I explored some new places of my town that I didn’t even know they existed! unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so photos will be taken the next time I’ll visit the place and show you in a couple of weeks.

I wanted today’s post to be brief and useful (as always), so I thought to give you a short list of apps that help you work out at home, my absolute favorite!

Ready? Here we go..

  • 7 minutes work out: The best app that keeps you in shape in only 7 minutes per day and trust me it works!
  • All-in-Yoga: For Yoga lovers, like myself, it contains over 300 positions 45 programmes to choose depending on your needs and it costs $3.99.
  • WorkoutTV: The ultimate app that gives you a wide variety in training to choose and it’s absolutely necessary!

I believe that’s enough for one day. Try them out and let me know what you think and if they work for you as good as they work on me. Kisses until next time!


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