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Radical Quote #28

Half of being good at something is knowing that you are and owning it.

Here are some amazing tips for bloggers!

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Meditation, does it really work?


Lately I’ve been exploring the field of meditation. I started small, with easy exercises from , Deepak Chopra  and others. The truth is that I was really suspicious about the process itself and its effect. In the beginning I was believing that meditation was some kind of supernatural process with unrealistic results. In addition to this I was convinced that only naive people would fall under its spell and make up their minds with false beliefs about its efficiency. But I admit it, I was wrong.

As it turns out meditation is nothing of supernatural and magical tricks. It is all about connecting yourself with your environment and your goals. It is all about leading yourself through your desires. It also is all about finding clarity and open your thought up to the real you by getting in touch with your core values.

When listening to the light music and leading yourself to unleash your inner power, fills you with energy and inspiration. I know that all this sounds pretty abstract and fluent, but the truth is that it actually works. And the reason why it is so fluent and sometimes unspecified by definition is because it is different for every individual being.

Each one of our projects their own fears, blocks and wishes from their mind and they organize it in a productive way that boosts their energy and motivates them in achieving their goals. That is pretty much what meditation is for me. I absolutely suggest you to give it a try. Keep your mind open and surrender your body to your inner energy. It will only benefit you, trust me on that.

I try to meditate three times a week, but if I need to focus or up level my energy I don’t hesitate to spend some minute of my time, because that ‘s all it takes. It doesn’t have to be long hours, except if you want it to. Mine is usually around ten minutes tops and they work miracles.

Do you meditate and how long does it take you? Let me know in the comments below. Have a beautiful and happy Sunday and don’t let unhappy thoughts get into you. Remember, there’s always something good in every situation. Even in the worst ones.

Radical Quote #27


Right Here Right Now


Nowadays the phenomenon of people physically being in one place and mentally in another is irritatingly often. People meet with their friends and family, or partners and instead of enjoying the right here and right now they let their mind wander through irrelevant thoughts. They bring in mind the things they did or didn’t do during the day, or the obligations they have and even their to do lists. Not only from a social, but from a personal perspective as well this is extremely harmful for everything you do. You first ought to your self and then to others your undivided attention.

Whatever it is that you do, reading a book, talking with friend, or even watching a movie don’t let all those conversations develop in your head. Live the moment, don’t judge, criticize, or comment on anything, most important on yourself, at the time anything happens. Save your breath and enjoy the moment. This technique is gonna save you a lot of trouble and It will enable you to be fully present. Enjoy!

Do you catch your mind fly away while you ‘re doing something else and did you bring it back to your head? Let me know on the comments below!

Radical Quote #26


Radical Quote #25

All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

10 Things I Love About Cemeteries

10 things

Today’s subject might seem a bit macabre, but I ensure you it’s not. Since I can remember myself I was always attracted by the beauty of cemeteries. They are the bridge between the living and the dead in a ghostly and mysterious way. Even though they are considered to be scary and ominous, to me they are beautiful and alluring. Let me tell you why.

  1.   They give me the creeps even though I have visited them a million times. And that’s exciting.
  2.   Additionally they are peaceful in an extraordinary way, eerie yet beautiful. Every time I’m there I feel my mind relaxed and my soul in peace.
  3.  Furthermore I always take the best photos wondering between gravestones. Also, the scenery is magnificent and the small candles that are light up create a magical atmosphere.
  4.   Moreover,They are a huge source of inspiration and they provide me with the tools for writing new, interesting stories.
  5.   What is more, when I visit them I hear the weirdest sounds nature makes at night and I can’t help myself by thinking that some zombie-vampire is about to get crawled behind my back and attack me when I’m looking elsewhere.
  6.   In addition I can’t stop wondering myself why do they leave some tombs open and where are the missing coffins that were supposed to be buried under thick layers of soil.
  7.   Also I can extract results about how important one should be to their beloved and family based upon how well the gravestones are preserved.
  8.   Plus I love the architecture of Greek cemeteries which looks spine-chilling. Every dead owns their own monument that is heavily constructed after the casket is buried. That feeling of owning your own grave is more than bizarre.
  9.    Surprisingly, there is a WC at your disposal, if needed. It happened to me during my last visit. There was no light at all and it was deadly silent and creepy.  Thankfully my friend had brought  a torch with him, so I could see my nose.
  10.   Last but not least you can meet “kadilanaftises”, the women who are responsible for taking care of the gravestones, if you go really early in the morning. They clean the tombs and light the candles. They are usually old, chubby ladies that wear black  and never talk to anybody. It’s a mystery.

Do you have any unusual preferences or weird places you enjoy visiting? Lemme know in the comments below! I’m very much interested!

10 signs You Have A Greek Mother

As a native Greek girl, who has spent most of my life living in Greece, plus having a Greek mother of my own, I can spot one from miles away. The Greek Mother has become a symbol of Greek modern society and it has been addressed with many qualities. Funny and rare. And I’m going to introduce them to you right away.
1. The most popular joke, that happens to be 100% true, about Greek Mothers is the “Take your coat you’re gonna be cold!”. No matter if it’s a summer breeze or a warm wind coming from Africa, she’s always worried about her children getting cold and covers them with many layers of clothes, making the “onion effect”, as we like to call it.

2. Moreover, she is much worried about her children’s nutrition and always feeding them up with homemade, traditional food, even when they are overweight or obese. She is telling herself and others, that they are going to get tall and all these pounds of extra fat is magically going to be transformed into height (by the way Greek people aren’t particularly tall).

3. In addition to this, when her teenagers, or young adult children leave home to study in another city, she always sends delicious food in Tupperware parcels, which is one of her favorite things.

4. Furthermore, she is the best cook EVER! No wonder why we were all chubby when we were young. She cooks these amazing kinds of food like musaka, pasticcio, dolmades, tzatziki, hortopita and basically every kind of traditional Greek food, which is absolutely yummy and is served in the most caring and warm way together with fresh, daily bread and feta cheese.

5. She is the best host in family gatherings and tries to apologize for possible failure, even though everything is perfect and carefully plans the whole evening trying to please everyone, by not sitting in her chair even one minute, being the maid and the hostess at the same time.

6. And when it comes to dinner she is taking care of everything by herself. She doesn’t really want other people to interfere due to not to spoil her plans and the precise arrangements, like how is everyone going to sit and how the meals are going to be served. (The meat loafs are going in the middle of the table and the salads have to be spread all around).

7. What is more, SHE IS A CLEAN FREAK! Greek mother’s worst nightmare is dust and her unspeakable enemies are dirty clothes and dishes. She spends a significant amount of time every day cleaning the house and her family’s things (even if they beg her to stop), until every flat surface is and neat and shiny.

8. She also breaks all the rules of privacy when it comes to cleaning. She breaks into her teenagers’ rooms and madly vacuums every single spot of it, even if it’s 8 a.m. on a Saturday.

9. For some unexplained reason she refuses to admit that her children have grown up and always shows them how to do things, or gives pretty basic advice for things you know since you were 10, like how to remove the toast bread from the toaster without getting your fingers burnt, or which haircut suits you better.

10. Last, but not least, she values family more than anything and tries her best to keep it together despite all the differences and fights that come up from time to time. She also provides this feeling of security that you can always depend on, no matter what and dresses you with her endless love.

As it was first published on Thought Catalog.

Radical Quote #24

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.

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