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Need some help developing your happiness skills?

Hello everybody! Today it has been a wonderful day so far. I’ve cleaned my room, made my bed and have this beautiful smell of freshness all around me. In addition, I lit some candles and added some white musk scented essential oil burning on top of one of them. I have to admit that my mood hasn’t been that great all along. I woke up pretty late, around 11:00 am and I was feeling pretty rusty. I looked outside my window and saw the view of beautiful, blue sky turning into clouds. I had to give myself an energy boost to keep up with the rest of my day. So, I turn on my laptop, layed a cleen sheet on the floor and started my daily Yoga practice. I’m a beginner, so this video from amazing yogi Sarah Invahoe does the trick. After finishing my practice I felt more rejuvenated and impowered. Plus, my positivity level had incresed significantly.

Since I took the first step working  with my body, I wanted to do a bit more and exercise my mind as well. Thus, I visited Happify, a digital platform that helps you master your happiness skills. Their philosophy is that creating your own happiness is a skill that can be learnt and evolved through practice. I couldn’t agree more. Hapify provides us with a series of exercises that focus on the present and helps us in many levels. What I enjoyed the most is the fact that, before you start anything they ask you a couple of question to understand your being state of mind  and help you accordingly.

Happify‘s team consists of  pshychologists and game developers. They bring us the science of positive psychology throught fun games and activities. What could we posibly want more? Their design is simple, colorful and minimalistic with smart graphics to guide us throught navigation and it also comes in an app, for more portability. Furthermore, they provide information about the science of happiness, about what kind of changes we can do right now to feel happier and how we can achieve our goals. Moreover they have a blog where they give advice on a variety of subjects related to bliss. How to cope with stress, know yourself better and change your habits, are only a few of them.To my surprise, I discovered that Gretchen Rubin (the famous happiness author) has been involved and created a Get To Know Yourself Better 

track. What is more, they focus on developing five essential happiness skills. Savor, Thank Aspire, Give and Empathize. Moreover you can discuss with others members, or  contribute. Give it a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

That’s all for now and we ‘ve come to today’s finish line with an exersice for you! Write down three things that made you happy today. Read it when you feel a bit down and they will boost your happiness energy back in!


“The simple act of identifying and then appreciating the things people do for us is a modern-day wonder drug.”


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