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What I ‘ve learnt from Lizzie Valasquez

I bet you ‘re familiar with Lizzie Valasquez, or Little Lizzie. She is one of the two persons who have been listed so far, with an extremely rare syndrome. Her body can’t create muscles. Due to this her appearence is distinguished. While featuring on You Tube videos, and cruelly named as the world’s ugliest woman, an exaggerated ammount of hatred and bullying had been launched towards her face in the most disrespectful and horrible way.

But, Lizzie proved to herself first and then to the rest of us, that she’s much stronger than that. She ‘s much more stronger than some low esteemed people, who need to make fun of others to feel more sufficient or worthy of their pitiful selves. In addition, she has an even greater dream. Her dream is to use her knowledge and experience to motivate people.She is a motivational speaker, who has recently had a TED talk, where she shared a little bit of her story in the most insipational way.

Lizzie choses to focus on the best things in everyday life and see the good within any situation. Even on the benefits of her syndrome. Like the fact that she can eat whatever she wants and never gain weight at all! How incredibly fantastic is that? Furthermore, she can’t see from her right eye, which provides her with the ability to easier ignore rude and annoying people, if needed.

Moreover, what moved me the most, was her wise words about don’t let others define who you are. Ask yourself WHO YOU ARE. WHAT DEFINES YOU AS A PERSON. This is a hard question, that many of us need years to understand. But Lizzie has already find the answer to that even before her 25th birthday! I’m 27 and still working on this!

This amazing woman used all the negativity that appeared in her life journey and turnt it into positivity to acheave her goals and overcome her obstacles. Imagine what each of us can do just by following her example.She has five life goals. She has accomplished three of them so far and keeps going. Well done Lizzie! Thank you for sharing.

Now, I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down the thing(s) that define(s) you.Yes, this a little homework that will contribute to your self growth. Just to be fair I’ll tell you mine as well. What defines me is the ability to understand other peoples’ needs and guide them in their willing direction. But many times in the past I would neglect myself in order to fulfill other people’s needs, which i’m thankfully not doing any more.

Leave your comments below and let me know a bit of your story. I’m very much interested in hearing from you.


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